hi! thanks for dropping by!feel free to navigate through my comms types tab for whatever youre interested in! please be sure to read my t.o.s first!my to-do list!
i try to update this consistently but do tell me if ive missed any of your commission!

Terms of Service

i accept payment upfront through paypal, and i won't accept any forms of cryptocurrency as payment!
i do not allow my art to be converted for NFT/crypto use
i will only start with the commission after i've received the payment
+for bigger commissions i will provide a sketch so that if you want something fixed you can tell me!
lmk beforehand if you'd like some progress/updates after the first sketch! i don't provide wips for the smaller stuffs like ych chibis tho
please provide me with a digitally drawn reference when buying, or at least a digital colored palette when asked, otherwise i may have to to decline your commission
+ because of my sometimes limited health, there will be occassions where i'm late to a commission. but i do try to finish everything within a month or two!
will charge extra if the design is too complicated! here's what's considered complicated to me!
i hold the rights to turn down or refund any commissions i'm not comfortable with taking
i tend to use my commissions as examples so if you want yours to not be posted/private tell me!

What I will draw

+ ocs
+ kemonomimi, humanoid characters of any kinds
+ anthro furries
+ complex designs
+ ask : D

What I wont draw

+ nsfw, fetish art
+ gore (blood is alright)
+ ferals
+ mecha/armor
+ anything im not comfortable with

Commission Form

please fill in this form when buying a commission from me!
NOTE: for simple things like the the YCHs just a ref sheet and expression is good enough for me ^^
you can contact me through toyhou.se or deviantArt

Commission Type:
Pose/Expression: (for poses id prefer if i get a visual example! even a stickman doodle will give me an idea on what to do!)
Background idea: (optional! but it will help me greatly when it comes to any kinda commission types that have bgs in them)
Extra notes: (anything else you want to add?)

Commission Types

here are the types of commissions i can offer! please check each individual tabs to see if theyre open or not


lil chonkers drawn on a base! please note if the character is too detailed i will have to leave out some!
for these ones you can simply provide me a ref of the character and the kind of expression you want. please specify if you want icons or chibis!
$5 per character
i can make the icons matching for free!

status: CLOSED


Type 1

Type 2

2 types of small chibis! both at the same price!
$10 per character
+$5 for another character in the same canvas

status: CLOSED


w/o shading

w/ shading
default chibi that i do!
$15 per character (w/o shading)
+$10 to add another character in the same canvas


these are a more soft style! they always come shaded!
$20 per character
+ $10 to add another character in the same canvas

status: CLOSED

its just as the title suggests :D!
$10 per character
+ $5 to make it matching like the 1st row
status: CLOSED

Painted Headshot/Bust

please note that these usually takes a bit longer to do than my other kinds of art
$20 per character (headshot)
$30 per character (bust)

status: CLOSED

Normal Pixels

$7 per character
no couples option yet unfortunately :')

status: CLOSED

Gameboy-esque Pixels

gameboy like sprites of your ocs! the original comes in 2 options of canvases: 32x32 (first example) or 50x50 (2nd and 3rd)
lmk beforehand if you have a preference for which youd like! they come with a 200% scale up version free of charge ^-^
$3 per character
i can make them matching like below examples for an extra $1!

status: CLOSED

Experimental Arts!

youre free to check my art galleries for a kind of specific art youd like, give me a general idea and i'll do my best to work it out for ya!
price starts at $10
status: CLOSED

PWYW Sketches

the more you pay the more efforts i will put into these doodles!
price starts at $5
status: OPEN